My name is Ofir David. I am currently a postdoc in Mathematics at the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, Israel.
My main research interest these days is homogeneous dynamics and its connection to number theory, with focus on the orbits of the diagonal group in the space of lattices  SL_n(\mathbb{R})/SL_n(\mathbb{Z}).

Other than that, I work also on problems in machine learning theory. More specifically on compression schemes and their connection to learning algorithms.

I did my Ph.D. in Mathematics at the Technion – Israel institute of technology, under the supervision of Professor Eli Aljadeff. In my Ph.D. studies I have studied graded generic algebras, and in particular asked how close is their center to being a rational extension.

During my M.Sc. (also with Prof. Aljadeff as my adviser), I studied group graded algebras and their graded polynomial identities.